In the far future, the human race has exiled itself from Earth due to all damage it has caused upon the planet. Spread throughout the galaxy in colonies. mankind has decided to only go back when Earth healed itself naturally. Desperately trying to return is Soldier Blue, leader of the psychics (here called Mu). In this futuristic society rigidly run by computers, having any kind of supernatural powers results in death penalty by the State. Recently discovered to be a Mu. Jomy must escape society as he finds out that he may be a key member to the rebel survivors future.

Light-years from Earth, where every aspect of life is controlled by the great master comouter, if you are a Psychic (called a MU) you’ re dead. Hunted tirelessly, the MU have been hiding for centuries from the general populace.

On this world light-years from Earth, if you are Psychic you are also dead The MU (as these unfortunates are called) are hunted tirelessly by the great computers that control every facet of life. The Mu are evil, the people are told, creatures who would destroy everything that their civilization is based on. For centuries, the MU have been content to exist in an underground society, helping smuggle other MU out from under the Governmentis watchful eyes From the MU perspective there had been no thought of an act of open rebellion. That is unit now. The prophesies now revealed show that there will be profound change in the
MU society, that one will lead them to a new life.

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