Korean Movie DVD Dark Figure Of Crime (2018) English Subtitle Free Shipping


Hyung-Min (Kim Yun-Seok) is a detective in Busan. He doesn’t care about getting promotions, but instead focuses on solving cases. At a small restaurant in a traditional market, he meets up with Tae-O (Ju Ji-Hoon) through an informant. Tae-O discloses that he received money to bury the body of someone. As he is about to reveal the location of the body, cops descend on the restaurant and arrest Tae-O for the murder of his girlfriend.

While riding a cart on a golf course, Tae-O receives a phone call from Hyung-Min in prison. Hyung-Min reveals another bombshell. He states that he has killed 6 other people. Hyung-Min visits Tae-O in prison and there Tae-O drops hints about the 6 other murders. Hyung-Min’s intuition tells him that Tae-O is telling the truth, while others are skeptical of Tae-O’s confession. Hyung-Min now sets out to find the murdered victims without knowing their identities.

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