Korean Drama DVD The Night Watchman’s Journal (2014) English Subtitle


Prince Lin found himself orphan when his father the king, under a spell, killed the queen and then committed suicide. Considered unsuitable for the throne, the child prince was sent away from the palace and his older half-brother Gi-san, son of a concubine, was crowned the new king of Joseon.

Twelve years later, Lin , now grown up, spends his days between fun and amorous encounters, hiding the loneliness he feels and his ability to see ghosts, acquired after escaping the attack of a spirit when he was a child. One day, Lin meets Do-ha, a young shaman from Mount Baekdu searching for her older sister. Besides Do-ha, a Taoist priest, Sadam, arrives in Hanyang, chosen by the king to expel an evil spirit that haunts him, actually a result of the sovereign’s madness. Twelve years before, as the head of the Yongshin tribe, Sadam was able to revive the dragon god that his people worshiped, seeing it defeated and turned into a statue shortly after by the king, who secretly brought the artifact to the palace and hid it in the basement: therefore, Sadam’s goal is to find the statue and to resurrect the dragon god exploiting the negative energy of evil spirits. For this purpose, Sadam convinces the king to reopen a door sealed long ago to prevent resentful ghosts to enter, and the town is again haunted.

Upon learning Sadam’s plan, Lin decides to revive the Night Watchmen, a group of soldiers that, at the time of his father, faced monsters and spirits, but were killed with the advent of the new king: by his side there are Do-ha, with whom he falls in love, Kang Moo-seok, a swordsman who initially doesn’t believe in the supernatural, and Jo Sang-heon, the former captain of the Night Watchmen. While the battle against Sadam rages, Lin also brings to light the truth behind the death of his parents.

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