Korean Drama DVD Lovers of the Red Sky (VOL1 – 16 End) Complete Series Box Set


Set during the Dan dynasty era when ghosts, demons, and gods are involved in human life, the story is about a fateful relationship between a female painter (Kim Yoo-jung) and a blind astrologer (Ahn Hyo-seop). It starts at the sealing ceremony conducted at the 3rd year of King Seongjo’s rule where they try to extract Ma Wang (Demon King: god of Death) who is residing in former King Yeongjong’s body and seal it inside a portrait of the King, painted by a divine painter. Though they manage to seal the Demon King successfully with the help of Samshin (goddesses of Life), Demon King curses that the country will suffer from droughts and famine for the years to come. He also curses the offspring of Ha Seong-jin(officer who conducted the sealing ceremony) and Hong Eun-ho(painter who painted the King’s portrait). Both Ha Seong-jin’s son, Ha Ram and Hong Eun-ho’s daughter, Hong Cheon-gi are born on that very day and Cheon-gi is born blind due to the curse of Demon King.

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