Korean Drama DVD Love 2 Episode 1-16 END Complete Series Box Set


Three marriages are brought to the brink and some even destroyed, due to lies and infidelity. Pan Sa-Hyun (Sung Hoon) cherishes his child that is carried by Song Won (Lee Min-Young), but his wife Boo Hye-Ryung (Lee Ga-Ryeong) refuses to give up on their marriage. His parents begin to view Song Won in a more favorable light. Shin Yu-Shin (Lee Tae-Kon) continues his affair with A-Mi (Song Ji-In), while he pretends to be the devoted husband to Sa Pi-Young (Park Joo-Mi). His stepmother Kim Dong-Mi (Kim Bo-Yeon) lurks in the background and his charade soon begins to crack. Park Hae-Ryun (Jeon No-Min) has left his wife Lee Si-Eun (Jeon Soo-Kyeong) and his children for Nam Ga-Bin. What will Lee Si-Eun do? What is sound engineer Seo Ban’s (Moon Sung-Ho) end game? Will any of their marriages survive?

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