Korean Drama DVD Live On 青春放送 (2020) English Subtitle


High school student Baek Ho-rang (Jung Da-bin) is popular in social media for being pretty and classy, but her being standoffish and cold in person earns her also a considerable number of haters. One day, she hears a strange message from an anonymous sender being read over the school radio: the message reminds her of a traumatic episode in her past that she keeps secret from everybody. She has also been receiving messages from an anonymous account who threatens to blackmail her by revealing her secret past to the public.

Because of this, Ho-rang decides at the last minute to join the broadcasting club, led by the perfectionist and overly time-conscious Go Eun-taek (Hwang Min-hyun), in order to track down the person attempting to malign and defame her behind the keyboard. A story of love and friendship unfolds in a school where social media is a defining force and everybody is judged according to one’s looks, sense of fashion and popularity.

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