Korean Movie DVD Daddy Long Legs (2005) English Subtitle


Daddy Long Legs was one of the four South Korean movies screened at the 2006 International Fair Film Festival in Iran. The story is loosely inspired by the 1912 novel Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster.

Young-mi Cha, is a young woman who has lost her parents and struggling to fend for herself. She receives the assistance of a stranger who pays her university fees and sends her gifts. She affectionately nicknames her benefactor “Daddy-Long-Legs”.

After completing her studies and initially struggling for work, Young-mi eventually obtains her dream job as a program writer in a nationally syndicated radio station. On top of this, it has been arranged for her to stay rent-free in a nice house that the owner vacated due to health reasons. Young-mi believes that her good fortune is the work of her “Daddy-Long-Legs”….

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