Korean Drama DVD Kill it 雙面殺手(2019) English Subtitle Free Shipping


A passionate animal lover and skilled veterinarian, no one would suspect that Kim Soo Hyun (Chang Ki Yong) is actually one of the most lethal men in the world. Using his facade as a defender of animals to hide his true identity, Kim Soo Hyun has forged a reputation between the worst of the worst as the epitome of precision, skill and, above all, anonymity. A complete mystery, he is a ghost, a shadow, a lethal whisper, hired by individuals and organizations around the world to deal with problems that only he is capable of dealing with. On the opposite extreme, is Do Hyun Jin (Nana) , a tenacious detective whose external cold hides an empathic soul. Using an effective combination of skill and instinct, Do Hyun Jin ends up working on a case that leads her directly to Kim Soo Hyun Believing that he is the serial killer he seeks, Do Hyun Jin thoroughly investigates the identity and past of Kim Soo Hyun , but what he finds shakes her to the bone. Now, bound by fate, Do Hyun Jin and Kim Soo Hyun set out to solve the mystery that linked them years ago.

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