Chinese Drama DVD Someday Or One Day 想见你 (2019) English Subtitle


The year is 2019. A 27-year-old woman named Huang Yu-Hsuan (Ko Chia-yen) pines for the love of her life, her long-time boyfriend Wang Chuan-Sheng (Greg Hsu), missing him everyday and sending him messages, hoping that he will somehow see them.

On one fateful day, Huang receives a mysterious parcel containing an old-school Sony Walkman portable cassette player and one cassette of the song ‘Last Dance’ by Wu Bai. When she is heading home, she falls asleep to the song which brings her back to 1998 to take Chen Yun-Ru’s place. Chen Yun-Ru was hit by a car last night. She (Huang Yu-Hsuan) regains consciousness and sees a man she believes to be Wang Chuan-Sheng sitting by her hospital bedside. She believes she has finally been reunited with her beloved Wang Chuan-Sheng, but there’s a very big twist.

She learns that she is no longer a 27-year-old woman, but rather a high school student named Chen Yun-Ru. The year is now 1998. And the man by her bedside is not her boyfriend after all, but a schoolmate named Li Tsu-Wei.

Trapped in what appears to be the past, living another person’s life, she eventually comes to realize that the “traffic accident” that landed Chen Yun-Ru in hospital is shrouded in mystery.

All the while, Li Tsu-Wei finds himself strangely drawn to the woman who used to be Chen Yun-Ru, despite the fact that he knows his closest friend Mo Chun-Chieh (Patrick Shih) has had a crush on Chen Yun-Ru for years…

Can true love find a way to bridge a seemingly insurmountable time gap? And what really happened on the fateful night when Huang Yu-Hsuan was hit by the car?

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