A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Eps 1-40 END English Subtitle


Zhao Pan Er, a teahouse owner in Qiantang, finally received news that her fiance Ouyang Xu was ranked third in national civil examination, but would be marrying the daughter of a high ranking official. Unwilling to accept her ill-fate, she set off to Bian Jing, the Capital, to seek clarity from Ouyang himself. On her way there, she had to rush to rescue her good sister, Song Yin Zhang, who was cheated on and abused in her marriage. At the same time, she also saved Sun San Niang, who had unfortunately tried to commit suicide because of her miserable married life. When Ouyang Xu learned that Zhao Pan Er had come to the Capital, he tried many ways to drive her out. Zhao Pan Er, Song Yin Zhang, and Sun San Niang decided to stay in Bian Jing, relying on their own ability to make a fortune. After experiencing difficulties and various tribulations, the three sisters finally managed the small teahouse into the largest restaurant in Bian Jing. After an arduous struggle, Zhao Pan Er gained more insights and resolved her hatred towards Ouyang Xu, and at the same time opened a door of equal salvation for the humble women in ancient times.”

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